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Home Theater

Theater Experience

A well-designed home theater offers a better experience than going out, because you always get the best seat in the house; you can start, stop and pause the show whenever you want; you never have to deal with crowds, parking or obnoxious commercials before the show starts; and the sound and picture quality are every bit as good – if not better!

We Hang TVs

Have a TV you want hung? We can do it. We hang TVs of any size. If you have a home entertainment system or surround sound, we can do those too! If you don't have cable available near the TV, ask us about getting cable to where you want your TV. Call and Schedule today!



Sync Everything with Logitech Harmony Remotes

We sell and program Harmony Remotes by Logitech. These remotes can sync anywhere from 1-15 devices and control your Z-wave home automation devices. No need for multiple remotes, the Harmony remote will make life simple and give you the best home theater experience.


No Hassle

Don't be intimidated by all the wiring. We can advise what's best for your current equipment and offer exclusive products to help get it connected and working again. If your system is due for upgrade, we can also advise on what works best for replacement. Not all systems are made alike. We guarantee you like what you hear.