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Home Automation

Tuxedo Touch

Hitek Security Solutions introduces and installs a new generation of Home Automation products. With home automation, you can have control over lighting, thermostats, security, distributed audio, surveillance, blinds, and other integrated products. Create energy savings with this innovative home controller. You will never think of a security system in the same way again.





Z-Wave Technology

Bring it all together with Z-Wave technology. Z-Wave technology can unifiy your home security system and other components into an integrated wireless network. The Connected Home solutions that use Z-Wave® technology, offers the ability to arm and disarm your security system through your mobile devices. Zwave also offers the ability for thermostat setback and basic lighting control. while you are away from your business or home.

How does it work?

Each device on the network, such as a lamp, light switch, thermostat, garage door opener, pool control, etc. has an individual code, selected from more than 4 billion options. When you program one of the controller options, it learns what those codes are. Then when you press the appropriate button, the controller sends a signal to the device telling it what to do.

Nearly anything that you can control by hand can be controlled using Z-Wave technology. Some examples include indoor and outdoor lights (both on/off and lighting levels), temperature, garage doors, electronic entry systems, motion controls, motorized blinds, motorized skylights, home theater systems, and pool/spa controls.

A single Z-wave network supports up to 232 devices. Multiple Z-wave networks can be combined via gateways.






Among its many features; it will allow the user, you, to use Z-Wave wireless devices. This means that your alarm system will now be able to control lights, locks, and a number of other Z-Wave home automation products. You can also, with your new TUXEDO view up to 4 IP cameras at a time from the keypad with a capacity of 16. It also allows the user to upload photos and video to the keypad via an SD card to add a little fun to your alarm experience.