General Questions:


Are there any discounts offered by insurance companies if I install a monitored security system in my house?

Yes. Most companies offer up to 20% discount on homeowner’s insurance when a MONITORED security system is installed in your house. Some of them even offer a greater discount if MONITORED smoke detectors are installed as well. You will have to talk to your insurance company to find out what your discount would be. In some cases, this discount can more than make up for Hitek Security Solutions monthly monitoring rate.

Hitek Security Solutions will issue you a certificate of alarm that needs to be faxed or mailed to your insurance company as proof that your home is monitored.

Can I have pets in my house and still install a motion detector?

Yes, you can. In fact, all of our kits come with at least one, up to 80lbs, motion detector. “Pet immune” is a recent cutting edge technology. It allows your pet to move freely inside the home without triggering the motion. Anything heavier than 80lbs will be detected and a signal will be sent to our monitoring center.

You may also mask off the bottom of your detector lens so it won’t trigger false alarms.

Do I need a home phone line for your system? What happens when my phone line is cut? Does the system still send a signal to your monitoring center?

No, you don’t need a home phone line. Our system uses cellular to send signals from the keypad to our monitoring center. We also offer WI-FI as an additional communication path.  With these options, there is no line to cut; you could even eliminate your home phone line and enjoy additional monthly savings.

Do I rent the equipment or buy it? What happens if I move?

The equipment is yours once purchased with our sales department. If you ever move to a different location, just remove it and install it at your new location. Once you have moved, call our monitoring center and provide your new address information. You can call us with any difficulties and we will uninstall the system and reinstall it at your moving address.

How does your security system work?

Our security system consists of a keypad / control panel, combined as one at times. When the panel is armed, it receives wireless signals from all the devices and sensors programmed. When a door or window is faulted, a radio frequency signal is sent immediately to the key pad. Then, it is automatically sent to the Hitek Security Systems monitoring center using a wireless internet connection and/or GSM cellular communication back up. Once our Hitek Security Solutions monitoring center receives the signal, the corresponding protocols are followed and proper authorities are dispatched if necessary.

I noticed your security system is “wireless.” Is it better than a traditional “wired” system?

Yes it is. It’s actually a very popular choice among business and homeowners. The development of wireless technology has greatly improved, and millions of installations around the world have confirmed its effectiveness.

It offers a lot of advantages over the wired systems. There are no installation fees. No wires to run. They offer stability and flexibility. You don’t have to worry about drilling holes on brick walls or cement floors, maintaining the beauty of your home. If you ever move to a new home, just remove it and install it at your new location. You don’t need an onsite technician since each zone communicates individually with the keypad, you know exactly what is giving you trouble, and a Hitek Security Solutions technician can offer some remote troubleshooting of your system. Other features such as “wireless key fobs” let you control your system with the push of a button. Full control of your system over the internet (pc, smartphone, iPad, tablets) is another advantage of wireless systems.

If I want to add or delete names from my contact list, how do I do that?

Any changes to your contact list or any change whatsoever needs to be in writing. Please include your name, address, account number and passcode.

By Mail: 1008 Dutch Hill Road Martins Ferry, OH 43935
By Fax: (740) 738-0734
By Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In order to protect you from fraudulent activity, Hitek Security Solutions won’t accept requests over the phone.

My home has battery-operated smoke detectors. Do I need to have a least one connected to my security system?

Absolutely!  Battery-operated smoke detectors that are not attached to your security system will go off if smoke is detected, and will produce a loud sound, giving you time to check what the problem is, or to evacuate your home. However, if the battery is dead, your smoke detector will never alert you if there is an actual fire. If you are trapped and can’t get out of your home, or if you pass out due to the smoke and can’t call 911, then your smoke detectors are useless and your family is at risk.

When everybody from your family is at work, school, or on vacation, and a fire takes place, those battery-operated smoke detectors will sound loudly, but since no one is around to call 911, your home will be completely damaged. . A neighbor might spot the smoke or flames, but then it will be too late.

These scenarios won’t happen if you have smoke detectors attached to your system. Since they are always communicating several times a day with the key pad, you will always know when a battery is getting low, and have time to replace it before it goes dead. If you can’t get to the phone during a fire for any reason, rest assured our Hitek Security Solutions monitoring center has dispatched immediately and there is a fire truck on the way to your home.  When you are not home, be sure that if fire strikes, smoke detectors will immediately notify our monitoring center.

What if I come home and set off the alarm by mistake?

Just call the Hitek Security Solutions monitoring center at (###) ###-#### and talk to a dispatch operator. Provide your name, home address and passcode and advise it is a false alarm. They will ask for your passphrase an other relative information to cancel dispatch of authorities.

What if I press my system’s panic button?

When the panic button is pressed on your key pad, it sends a high priority signal to our monitoring center. The proper authorities are dispatched immediately.

For a fire panic: The fire department will be dispatched first; then the responders will be called.

For a police panic: Police will be dispatched first. Responders won’t be called in, except for those who do not live in your home (such as neighbors, or family members living somewhere else). You will not be able to cancel this type of emergency.

For a medical alarm: You will be called first, and then an ambulance will be dispatched upon your request.

What should I do in order to make sure my system is in working condition and connected to my Central Station?

Call our monitoring center 24/7 to test your system:

1) Call Hitek Security Solutions monitoring center at (###) ###-####. 2) A dispatcher will request your name, home address, and pass phrase. Ask for your system to be placed on test for an hour. 3) Arm your system. Open and close all doors and windows, walk in front of motions, use the panic buttons on your keypad. 4) Disarm your system. 5) Call back the monitoring center to check signals to make sure all alarms were received, and take account off of test.

If some or all alarms were not received by our monitoring center, please call Hitek Security Solutions at (###) ###-####.

Will my security system still function properly if I lose power at my house?

Yes. security systems come equipped with a rechargeable battery that works for approximately 24 hours when new. Normally, the system detects a low battery one hour before it dies, and will notify you by displaying a low battery icon on the keypad screen.

Once the power is restored, your battery will automatically recharge itself.